Voice and Percussion



`Nowhere to Go, so Here we Go’

A great display of percussion instruments from all over the world features in this concert of music from the 13th to the 21st centuries. Pieces and songs on themes that range from dark tales of murder and mystery, to the lightness of a Japanese Haiku, to an early motet and a French cabaret song by Eric Satie.

“Entertaining, witty and skilful performances from two of Britain’s top classical musicians who have collaborated with, amongst others, Ensemble Bash, Luciano Berio and Emma Kirkby”.

‘Rhythm Song’

Vibraphone, darbukas and goblet drum resonate in this programme of music inspired by the rhythms of maths, poetry and dance. The concert includes Roger Marsh’s setting of Pushkin, a piece for Scissors and Paul Burnell’s ‘The Feynman Point’ for pandeiro.

Contemporary music in repertoire includes music by: Stravinsky, Poulenc, Scelsi, Cage, Berio, Rzdezki, Robert Keeley, Mark Bowden and Jorge Vidales.